Retail & Leisure

As the Retail and E-Commerce sectors evolve to ensure their relevance for the future, we’re busy supporting the transition by supplying talented and forward-thinking individuals.

We continue to source impressive instore and area management teams but are increasingly called upon to assist within strategic areas such as retail marketing, merchandising and logistics & operations.

E-Commerce demands slick, robust systems.  Social media is becoming increasingly transactional.  Customers are truly global.  We have the people – the visionaries, the creatives and the techies - you need right now.

Let’s not forget about the leisure marketplace – that’s us too.  We thought long and hard about where to include leisure, but the reliance on outstanding customer-facing individuals and the fact that we’re working with brands at the luxury end of the sector means that it probably sits most comfortably alongside our retail offering.  We’re working with a carefully-curated group of luxury hotels, clubs and fitness brands who demand only the best from their teams and rely on us to deliver.

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